Sports News


The Year 7 girls dominated in their first ever game as a team against Broomfield, taking a 6-0 win with excellent goals from Jasmine and great defending from Holly and Barira.  Kali worked hard as a Center to keep the ball swiftly transitioning between the defence and the offence.

Our first matches of the season saw our Year 8s and 9s get off to a great start.  The Year 8s beat Aylward 14-1 and Winchmore 14-3.  Sabrina and Khadija walked away with player of the match for these games for their excellent display of tenacity within these games.  The Year 9s defeated Winchmore 21-3 and Southgate 17-3, with Mariam, Angela and Wendy all walking away with player of the match across these games.

Our Year 10 and 11 girls also shared strong starts to the season.  The Year 10s lost their first match versus Aylward with Glory walking away with player of the match.  This was a hugely close match in the first half, with AJK leading for the first quarter.  They also had a very close match against Southgate which resulted in an 8 – 4 loss.  The Year 11 team walked away with an excellent 8-3 win vs Broomfield with 4 points scored by Keziah and 3 from Lola.



A fantastic first season for the Year 7 boys and their newly formed Football team.  With many changes being made each week, the boys were able to display great adaptability, playing in unfamiliar positions and with new team members each game.  Chadrack displayed excellent confidence alongside Nico to dominate their opponents’ attacking halves in each game.  Philip demonstrated his great ability to work his way around the field and be present wherever he is needed to assist in getting the ball back in possession.  Nana dominated in defence in each game, demonstrating great tenacity to ensure he was getting the ball away from our goal.  They should now be in a strong position to take on their opponents in the 2019 season.

For our Key Stage 3 girls Football team, the girls worked well as a unit in their first game and completely dominated against St Johns.  Angela and Wendy scored 3 goals each on top of a St Johns own goal to end the game with a 7-0 win.

Both Year 8 and Year 9 boys Football teams celebrated a variety of successes;  Harley walked away with ‘Man of the Match’ (MoM) in the Year 8 Cup game vs Aylward Academy, with the 7-5 final result to Ark John Keats Academy.  Nathan (Year 8) also demonstrated great leadership in their league match vs Latymer, doing his best to ensure the team remained positive throughout the game.  The Year 9 boys fought hard in their cup match vs Latymer, with Jaden taking MoM, and the team narrowly missing out on the game going to penalties as Latymer scored a late goal to take them 1-0 up.  They also fought hard against Enfield Grammar in a league match, with Kieran taking MoM for his excellent saves throughout the game denying Grammar going further than 2-0 up – an excellent display of skill and courage considering Grammar had an U14 England International player.

In their first game of the season the Year 10 and 11 girls faced a tough challenge against a strong Highlands side which resulted in a loss.  Angela took player of the match for her excellent tenacity displayed within this match.  The girls then worked much more cohesively in their second match which resulted in a 1–1 draw versus Latymer, with Emmanuella taking player of the match.  The girls were complimented by Latymer’s referee, who stated they were “a fantastic team of girls with lovely attitudes” – a huge congratulations to these girls for representing our school in such a positive manner for their gameplay and conduct both on and off the pitch.

In a fantastic first game against one of the league’s strongest opposition teams, the Year 10 boys Football  team gained an early lead with goals from Freddie, Ruben and Gilbert.  Sheridan (Captain) displayed great leadership in this game, providing his team with excellent feedback at half time and keeping them focused throughout the game.  In the second half, Latymer battled hard to bring it back and took the 4-3 lead in the final few minutes before the final whistle.  Kieran (Year 9) received MoM for this match for yet again displaying great courage to step up and play against an older year group. 



With the Basketball season having only just started, the Year 10 and 11 boys teams were split into two this year due to the number of keen and talented individuals.  Each team was entered into two different conferences to compete for a chance to go to the Enfield playoffs.

In the A team’s first game vs Grammar, the boys brought it back after a half time talk to close the gap but unfortunately walked away with a loss.  In their second game, they walked away with a huge win against Bishops, with the final result being 40-11 to Ark John Keats Academy.  In their third game, Kaynaan walked away with player of the match after a 40-22 win against Edmonton.

The B team started off with a strong start, narrowly missing out on a win against Enfield Chace.  The boys are working hard as they prepare for upcoming games against Edmonton and Broomfield.


Enfield Borough Cross Country

A few pupils were selected from each year group to represent the school at the annual Enfield Borough Cross Country at Trent Park.  All pupils competed against runners from across the Borough and performed very well on the day.  Yahye finished 16th out of over 70 runners in the boys over 15s category.  Amoor finished 9th in the girls over 15s category.


Boys Under 16 Table Tennis Tournament

In preparation for their upcoming GCSE, eight Year 11 boys participated in the Jack Petchey North London Schools’ Finals against tough opposition.  The boys showed great tenacity throughout the tournament as they battled for those final points, resulting in a mixture of very close wins and losses for each of them.  It was excellent to see them representing the school extremely well as they offered to officially umpire some of the games that were going on at the event.