Sports News

As part of the school publication, our pupils are responsible for creating interesting and well-written pieces that are published each half-term and distributed throughout the school. As part of a team, they show adaptability with the pieces they write, curiosity while researching new stories and courage during interviews.

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Sports Publication:

Sports News - Autumn Term 1.pdf

Sports News - Autumn Term 2.pdf

Sports News - Spring Term 3 & 4.pdf



Pupil Publication:

Autumn Vol. 1.pdf

Autunm Vol. 2.pdf

Spring Vol. 1.pdf

Spring Vol. 2 (Part 1).pdf

Spring Vol. 2 (Part 2).pdf

Sports Publication:

Sports Special Vol. 1.pdf

Sports Special Vol. 2.pdf

Sports Special Vol. 3.pdf

Sports Special Vol. 4.pdf

Sports Special Vol. 5.pdf