Pillar Day

Our pupils had a fantastic day this week where they took part in a range of trips and workshops to extend their learning and develop their character. Pillar Days are designed to give pupils opportunity to try new learning experiences and immerse themselves in one area of learning for an entire day. Throughout the day every pupil demonstrated their character through adapting to the new style of the day, working in groups to achieve shared aims and reflecting on what went really well and what they needed to improve during the day.

Year 7 took part in an Art and Design Day which is spread over two Pillar Days. Half of our year visited the Tate Modern to experience visiting an art gallery and to consider their own responses to a range of different art types. They were an absolute credit to the school conducting themselves with politeness, great tenacity and huge amounts of curiosity during the trip. The other half of the year worked on a design day where they investigated the science behind food and calories, cooked their own curry and then designed a box to take it home in. We hope you enjoyed their cooking!