KS4 Enrichment

Com’è il tuo carattere? Or “What is your character like?” for the rest of us! This is what our Y11s have been learning recently in the Linguistic and Cultural Studies pathway at KS4. They are learning Italian to build on their Russian, Spanish and Linguistic modules since the beginning of Y10. Mr Denis, who teaches the module alongside Ms Fasulo, said students could be seen clearly spotting patterns between the different languages they have learned. This allows them to make sophisticated links between different languages, and open the door to faster and more in depth language learning in the future. 

All of our Y11 students are reaching the end of their KS4 pathway, and next term will put all the knowledge and skills that they have gained over the last year and a half into a project bringing their learning together. We are extremely excited to see the product of their KS4 pathways.